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Helping to solve some of Europe’s most complex technical challenges within the nuclear sector
DBD recruits only the best engineers and technical personnel with wide ranging and extensive experience in the nuclear industry to help our clients solve the most complex technical and strategic challenges they face. The company believes in challenging often entrenched industry norms to provide practical solutions which focus on programme acceleration and cost reduction within the constraints of the nuclear industry. We work tirelessly with our clients and partners to help them provide winning strategies and solutions within our 5 core capabilities which you can read more about here:

DBD’s preference is to get involved in projects as early as possible when we can have the greatest influence on project outcomes. The volume and type of projects we are asked to support often surprises our clients. It is this breadth of experience, developed over many years in the nuclear industry, that makes DBD Different by Design and allows us to add a significant difference to the challenges faced by our clients. Our UK-based head office is home to our technical team which is deployed to deliver UK and wider European projects as well as supplementing the local presence serving our International markets.
Managing Director UK & Europe
(+44) 7809 296551
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Technical and engineering support to an integrated client team
An example of DBD offering strategic and technical services
DBD is an independent global enterprise providing innovative solutions to complex technical, engineering and strategic challenges in highly regulated industries.
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