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CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
+44 (0) 1925 814 084
John Ince
John Ince
I'm a CTO, software architect, designer and technical programmer with 35 years experience at the leading edge of software development. My life's work has culminated in the invention of cloud hosted, native code, live web applications at Project Peach. I've designed a single technology framework for the creation and support of real-time websites, applications, mobile apps and IoT systems..

Before Project Peach I've worked with some of the world's largest companies like IBM, Unilever, Rapiscan. I've also worked at the tiniest startups. I understand leading edge web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, websockets layered over my background of c/c++ programming language. I make great architectural and design decisions because I understand the underlying source code.

I can make a real difference to your next generation IT project.
Project Peach Ltd
CTO. (October 2011 - Present)
York, UK

About Me:
I am the founder and visionary who invented live web applications. I designed and also helped code our real-time web framework from ground zero upwards. I own and drive our technology direction using agile processes.

Project Peach live web applications use advanced technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Websockets & JavaScript for our browser UX. Our cloud hosted, native code, live web applications are built using portable c++. Powerful web applications without the browser hosting constraints.

Project Peach is a 7 year software project with a £400k development budget. The concept is to take all our knowledge as developers and 'FIX' the problems we've encountered in software development over the last 35 years. We've coded a unified development framework that's solves everything from remote collaborative working, true browser multi-user and one solution for apps of all types including websites. We created smart connections that push live changes in realtime to live connected clients. Our mission is to change the way the world codes their apps.

Key Technologies:
HTML5, CSS3, Websockets, JavaScript, C, C++, STL, LOKI, IIS, Apache

Business Skills:
CTO, Budgets, Agile, Presentations, Team Guru, Architect, Designer

Technical Environment:

  • Modern Browser is UX. HTML/CSS/JS

  • Cloud hosted, native code, live webapps. C++

  • Windows, Linux, Ubuntu operating systems

  • Client and server components are fully portable across every OS platform

  • SCSS. Sassy CSS

  • Windows server, IIS, webapps / Linux server, Apache, webapps

  • Websockets high performance, multithreaded and cached server implementation

Rapiscan Systems
Software Consultant (Contract). (November 2010 - June 2011)
Biddulph, UK

Deliver a Microsoft Windows application for the data visualisation, detection and alarming of a R&D RadNuke detection scanners. RadNuke portals are the next generation of security scanners capable of detecting and alarming on transportation of any radioactive isotopes.

Working as part of an advanced R&D team on the leading edge RadNuke detection technologies within a global leader in transportation security screening. Responsible for the entire agile development of a real time diagnostic toolkit built in C++ (similar to an advanced version of WireShark) to analyse, collect and render real time Ethernet data from the new RadNuke detection portals. Total responsibility for project design and implementation using OOA / OOD / OOP/ Agile / SCRUM / XP / TDD

Key Technologies:
C, C++, STL, Win32, Winpcap, Winpcap c++ wrapper, Ethernet, Design Methods, TDD, Agile, Extreme Programming, SVN, TortoiseSVN (HTTP SVN)

Business Skills:
Project Management, Product Owner, Product Architect, Consultant

Technical Environment:

  • Product design using object orientated techniques and design methods

  • Data Engine and GUI abstraction with portable engine (Linux/Win32)

  • Agile TDD XP development methodologies

  • C++/STL core product development

  • Multi-discipline R&D team

  • GUI abstraction layer using HTML5/CSS3 for Native Client App or Web App client

  • Collection, capture and playback of data for simulation and testing of user defined algorithms

Rapid Return Ltd
Software Consultant (Contract). (February 2010 - November 2010)
Manchester, UK

Project Engels: A test driven open source project for translating desktop media web pages to mobile media web pages. Portable 'C' language project that uses TidyLib and CURL; This is server side on-the-fly translation which creates responsive mobile websites from existing desktop websites.

Short term contract working as an independant software engineer on a NDA research and development project. Responsible for the investigation, design and implementation of a complex server-side solution for 'on the fly' document re-rendering. Product will be Open Source shortly as an excellent example of how to write test driven, maintainable and extensible application in a relatively low-level language.

Key Technologies:
Key Technologies...

Business Skills:
Customer facing, Project management, Budget management, Technical liason, Presentations, Mentor.

Technical Environment:

  • GUI design using HTML5 forms and rendered using CSS3 using W3C web standards

  • Complete rendering/data/code separation using model-view-controller

  • CSS3 media queries

  • HTML5 WebSockets as AJAX replacement

  • Comet style push notifications via HTML5 W3C standard

  • Portable 'server-side' between Apache and IIS

  • Implemented 'BASIC' style macro language support built using FLEX and BISON/YACC

  • Scalable cloud hosted environment

  • ChromeOS 'browser is OS' paradigm

Senior Software Engineer. (July 2008 -February 2010)
Bedfont, London, UK

IBM Cognos Adaptive Warehouse.

Working as part of an agile team, within a global team framework. Responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the IBM Cognos Adaptive Warehouse product. Primarily focused on delivering the GUI representation and it's abstraction from the underlying data engine.

Key Technologies:
C, C++, STL, MFC, Win32 API, GUI, VC++, COM, SQL, XML/XSL, LIBXML/DOM/SAX, Agile, SCRUM, TDD, Design Methods, Perforce, Incredibuild, UML

Business Skills:
Reporting to Development Manager and Product Owner, Working to yearly self-defined goals in PBC (Personal Business Commitments)

Technical Environment:

  • Large/complex Business Intelligence product, Win32 GUI (MFC,API,VC++)

  • Portable (Win,Aix,Unix,Linux,...) underlying C++/STL data engine

  • Agile/SCRUM working environment

  • International working across multiple time-zones, cultures and languages

  • Self-motivation from personal responsibility to the team and product

  • International Travel

  • Working from Home

Job Title. (October 2011 - Present)



Key Technologies:
Key Technologies...

Business Skills:
Business Skills...

Technical Environment:

  • Techinical Environment

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