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David Cuming
David Cuming
Jess Hearne
Current position:
Head of Emerging Markets & Technologies / Principal Process Engineer - 2006 - Present
David is responsible for the development, maintenance and growth of the company business as part of DBD’s Executive team. In addition, David leads the technical delivery, provides review and challenge for selected projects. Over the 12 years at DBD, David has held technical roles as Senior and Principal Process Engineer, has led the growth, maintenance of DBD’s capability; led DBD’s R&D process and leads the development of business in new markets such as China.
As Head of Emerging Markets & Technologies and a Principal Chartered Chemical Engineer with 25 years’ experience of operating in global Nuclear and highly regulated markets, David takes the lead role for the provision of services from DBD. He utilises logical approaches to identify unique, innovative but practical new solutions and technologies into projects resulting in tangible savings our clients.

David has significant experience of leading major projects and enabling innovative solutions for DBD’s clients. His technical knowledge, tempered with a deep-rooted collaborative nature, together with recent focus on structured technology transfer, means he continues to enable his clients to create, develop and fully utilise DBD’s extensive connections in both the UK and International nuclear markets.

David is a Chartered Chemical Engineer who has the technical capability to lead DBD’s EIF team based on the combination of his nuclear engineering experience, strategic thinking and his applied understanding of the components that are required for front-end definition. He has worked on a range of Sellafield projects that cover almost all major facilities including pond & silos r trievals, processing liquid effluents, highly active waste storage, evaporation and waste immobilisation.
Qualifications & training:
- MEng (Hons) Degree in Chemical Engineering
- Chartered engineer
- Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers
Key achievements:
- Developed integrated site liquid flowsheets for Sellafield gaining Regulator recognition (2004)
- Won and Delivered DBD’s first overseas (Japan) front-end design project (2012)
- Delivered the majority of key process design documents for the Evaporator D project & the Plant Simulator (£20m tangible savings) (2006-11)
- Won and delivered Phase 1 of flagship technology transfer project for the Chinese Generation IV HTR-PM for the BEIS AMR Feasibility Project (2018)
- Invited alongside Sellafield & NDA to attend a DIT trade mission to China to enable innovation (2018)
- Shortlisted at IChemE Innovation awards (2006, 2013), NDA awards (2016)
Relevant experience:
- (DBD) Sellafield, Process to Transfer Technology from Emerging Markets into the UK, and its Application to INET’s Wastewater Treatment Technology (2018)
- (DBD) BEIS, Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR) Feasibility Project Phase 1 (2018-2019)
- (DBD) Parsons, Salt Waste Processing Facility Start-up Independent Review, USA (2016)
- (DBD) Fluor, Savannah River Site - Liquid Waste Bid Support, USA (2016)
- (DBD) Japan Nuclear Fuels Limited, Asia, Concept Design (2012-2013)
- (DBD) Costain/Sellafield Ltd., HA Evaporator Project (2006-2010 & 2014-2016)
- (BNFL) Legacy Ponds and Silos Early Remediation Project (LP&SERP) (2001-2004)
Skills & capabilities:
- Front-end & detailed process design for nuclear facilities
- Technical leadership, peer review and multi-attribute due diligence
- Enabling structured innovation, optioneering, complex problem solving
- Strategy development
- Simulation & modelling
- R&D specification
- Collaborative projects
- Strong client relationships
Career history:
- 2006 - 2006 Senior Process Engineer; DGP International Ltd – PFPS Asset Care/Retrievals
- 2005 – 2006 Lead Process Engineer; RWE NUKEM Ltd (Now Nuvia Ltd) – SPP1 concept design
- 2001 – 2005 British Nuclear Fuels; Process Engineer
- 1995 – 2001 Technical Simulation Consultants Ltd; Process Engineer
DBD is an independent global enterprise providing innovative solutions to complex technical, engineering and strategic challenges in highly regulated industries.
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+44 (0) 1925 814 084
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