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We can guide your teams through project phases, from design through to commissioning and full operation
We de-risk our client's delivery programme by considering commissioning from the start, through to completion
We support our clients in reducing commissioning time by considering hurdles from design to full operation
DBD has the unique experience of managing projects similar to yours. We have developed our risk based commissioning approach to ensure the plant achieves design performance at the earliest opportunity and at the lowest possible cost. This is integrated with our pre-ops experience and the ability to take the facility from commissioning to operations in a controlled manner.

At DBD, we understand facilities and sites and how they operate. Some areas of work that we often cover are:

  • The design, installation, and commissioning of new facilities

  • Assessing when a plant is at the end of its life-cycle

  • Decommissioning plants once they have reached the end of their life cycle

  • The management of regulator interfaces

  • The management of documentation throughout the project, including operating instructions, emergency instructions, and maintenance instructions

  • The development of spares requirements for commissioning and full operation

We personalise our approach to site support for each individual client, so get in touch to speak to us about how we can support you. The importance of having an experienced and qualified team to support your site operations is essential to getting it right.

Use our in-depth experience to maximise your project's chances of success.
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Senior Consultant
(+44) 1925 814084
Len Jones
What have we done before?
Supporting the design & commissioning of a major new build facility
An example of working with the front end design of a new build waste treatment facility.
We'll support you at every stage
Whether you're searching for support on a new build, or looking to decomission a site, we have the expertise to achieve this with reduced risk and cost.
We saved a client $20M with one decision
We prepared our client for when emergency arises
DBD is an independent global enterprise providing innovative solutions to complex technical, engineering and strategic challenges in highly regulated industries.
We respect the security of your personal data and maintain policies which adhere to GDPR legislation
+44 (0) 1925 814 084
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