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Supporting the design of a major new build facility
An example of working with the front end design of a new build Waste Treatment Facility
Client information:

  • Sector(s): Nuclear

  • Type(s) of work: Commissioning, Environment & Waste, Lifecycle Design, Optioneering & Analysis, Process Engineering, Safety Case, Simulation & Modelling

  • Short description: Front End and Detailed Engineering Design

Our Client, a major project construction organisation, was required to develop the design of a new build Waste Treatment Facility for the nuclear industry in the UK. The scope of work was front-end design through to the end of detailed design over a four year programme. The new plant is vital to the UK’s nuclear waste strategy. Our Client requested DBD as a partner to provide the differentiating expertise in the area of nuclear plant Design and Engineering.
Scope of work:
To provide specific nuclear expertise to lead and support the Engineering Design of a major Nuclear New Build (NNB) facility.
DBD deliverables:
DBD engineers were placed in key roles throughout the project and supported the most challenging areas of the facility design, such as:

  • Generating Basis of Design studies for the novel and complex areas of design

  • Addressing the key HAZOP actions

  • Engaging with Safety Case generation to optimise engineering design

  • Producing the clear and transparent philosophies

  • Producing relevant process models to support Safety Case or Design Justification Report and to demonstrate plant operability

  • Using understanding of the process requirements to develop the plant control and DCS systems and liaise with the C,E&I departments to ensure delivery

DBD engineers were responsible for the development of the commissioning strategy and its implementation through the plant life cycle.
The results:
DBD has remained committed to the project for over four years and have ensured continuity of resources during this period. Almost every piece of design documentation bears the signature of DBD personnel and they have consistently been the ‘go to’ people for any technical questions and requests for advice from Construction, Installation and Commissioning personnel. This detailed knowledge and consistency of personnel has ensured the quickest possible response times, clarity and preservation of design intent. The Client has provided written feedback endorsing our contribution to the design phase.
Client benefits:

  • DBD’s Engineering Design team, with a depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of complex nuclear plants, reinforced the shortfall in Client expertise

  • Our process modelling expertise successfully underpinned the project

  • DBD engaged and integrated with other disciplines to achieve the common goal e.g. Production of a safety case taking account of plant operability, commissionability and maintainability

Application to the Oil & Gas industry:
Considering the size, processes and nature of the project, DBD believe this project identifies the diversity and aptitude of our skilled Engineers that can be applied to all Chemical and Process industries.

Key aspects for application to other industries include:

  • Highly complex and technical engineering project with multiple contractors and integrated systems

  • DBD has both lead and support the front end and detailed design

  • DBD have worked for a large non-nuclear organisation on the project

  • HAZOP (Hazard operability study) and Safety Case generation to optimise Engineering Design

  • Process modelling to underpin and support Design Justification Reports

  • Full project engagement – from plant design, operability, commissionability and maintainability

  • Accountable for the management of commissioning through a well resourced and highly sought after team of commissioning engineers

DBD is an independent global enterprise providing innovative solutions to complex technical, engineering and strategic challenges in highly regulated industries.
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