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Keeping our Cients' sites and facilities safe and secure for the long term
A safety & environmental case review for a confidential client
Client information:

Our Client was undergoing Long Term Periodic Reviews (LTPRs) for two of its onsite facilities. Those facilities was a store and a process equipment workshop. Our services were engaged to deliver a Continued Operation Safety and Environmental Review (COSER) for each facility, to satisfy the Client’s requirements for their LTPRs.
What our Client needed:
The project involved DBD working collaboratively with the Client to produce the required Safety Assessments and Engineering Substantiation for the facilities. DBD took a pragmatic approach to the Safety Assessment demonstrating that the residual risks from each facility were both tolerable and ‘as low as reasonably practicable’ (ALARP). Similarly, DBD’s Environmental Assessment focused on demonstrating that Best Available Techniques (BAT) were being used to minimise the environmental impacts from operation of the two facilities. The COSERs produced by DBD ensured that risks were managed in accordance with best practice and that the facilities were fit for purpose for the subsequent 10-year period.

The elements of DBD’s innovative approach to the project were:

  • Incorporation of visual descriptive material within the boundaries & interfaces definition documents and the production of a dedicated ‘live safety case definition document’. This approach delivered benefits in that the COSER’s were user friendly for the Client teams, the result of which would deliver financial savings for the Client during the adoption of the COSER's.

  • A focus during the review of the HAZANs to eliminate overly conservative designations. This will reduce the ongoing costs to the Client following the implementation of the COSER.

  • DBD’s approach engaged Operations and Maintenance (O&M) personnel throughout the process to ease the process of adoption of the COSER for the Client. Again, this will be reflected in cost savings when the COSER is adopted.

  • DBD’s Safety Assessors and Engineers were an integrated team resulting in a smooth integration of the Safety Assessment and Engineering Substantiation activities.

What we delivered to our client:

  • COSER Strategy;

  • Boundaries and Interfaces Definition Document;

  • Memorandum to Change Nuclear Safety Category;

  • Report on Compliance with EDSPs;

  • Consequence Calculations;

  • HAZOP;

  • Updated HAZANs;

  • Fire Risk Analysis;

  • Human Factors Review;

  • Environmental Assessment;

  • Engineering Schedule;

  • Engineering Substantiation;

  • ALARP Reviews;

  • ALARP Implementation Plan;

  • Live Safety Case Definition Document.

Results / Client benefits:
The approach and methodology used by DBD to produce the COSERs resulted in the following benefits to the Client:

  • TCIF contract: both COSERs were delivered within the target cost, thereby minimising the costs to the Client.

  • DBD experience: we used highly experienced Safety Assessors, typically with 20-30 years’ experience. This wealth of experience was reflected in the quality and the technical accuracy of the documentation produced;

  • Delivered on time: the COSERs were delivered effectively, efficiently and to the agreed timescale. DBD’s production of both COSER’s in parallel covered under one contract maximised the resources used, resulting in efficient delivery of both COSERs.

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