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How we provided safety support internationally
A technical and safety consultancy to transition an existing facility to an ALARP based series of safety cases following a shutdown period
Client details:
A technical and safety consultancy project to transition an existing international facility to an ALARP based series of safety cases. A justification for the restart of the facility post this shutdown period involved the adoption of the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) principle, which differed from previous processes that had been applied for the Client.
What we delivered to our Client:
DBD produced the following documents to support the Client's implementation of the process:

  • A generic ALARP Guidance document illustrating how ALARP justifications are achieved throughout the project lifecycle. This document also considered the importance of a strong organisational safety culture and human behaviours on the outcome of any risk reduction exercises.

  • A HAZAN study documenting the process of applying a hazard analysis exercise at the Client facility.

  • A plant walk-down study report describing the process of assessing the condition of an operating facility and its operational practices.

  • Application of design basis accident analysis & probabilistic risk assessment.

Results / client benefits:

  • The Client received guidance, materials and training which have facilitated the process of demonstrating to their national regulator that the facility in question can be safely operated.

  • A key benefit for the Client, realised through engagement of DBD’s expertise, has been the translation of international good practice in terms of organisational culture and attitudes that contribute positively to nuclear safety. The Client is now able to encourage and engender these behaviours within their own organisation.

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