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How we helped our Client turn their waste into renewable energy
A technical and commercial due diligence for a waste to energy project.
Client information:

    A Client in the UK had developed a process which treated surplus food from manufacturers and produced a gas product which, when processed by a gas converter could be used to power a gas engine for the production of electricity, which could then be sold in to the National Grid. The material was classed as waste as, due to external factors, the supermarkets who had contracted for the food to be produced were unable to sell it. The Client had secured contracts to take surplus food from a number of manufacturers but had no facility in which to process the waste.

    The Client also had a facility process flow diagram that had a number of integrated areas but no capability to undertake of implementation or integration. The Client planned to raise the capital required to fund a new facility from Investors but had a number of critical issues to address before this could be achieved.
What our Client needed:
DBD was requested by the Client to provide services to:

  • Review the quality and extent of the information the Client had generated as being fit for purpose. These documents were in the Clients eyes ready to go to an Engineering and Procurement Contractor (EPC) to construct the facility.

  • To produce a Procurement strategy to secure the services of an EPC

  • To select an EPC

  • To work with the EPC as the Client’s representative to generate a detailed cost estimate and programme, supported by risk assessment, which the Client could use in a prospectus

  • To produce the form of Contract for the two stage approach with the EPC i.e. (i) produce cost programme and risk schedule, (ii) to carry out the capital EPC work.

  • To agree the services DBD could provide during the capital work representing the Client.

What we delivered to our Client:
During this project DBD provided our experience in:

  • Evaluating the Client’s process flowsheet and identifying early stage optimisation or issues.

  • Evaluating technologies and their integration into a feasible overall flowsheet.

  • Developing capital costs with the supply chain.

  • Evaluating the integrity and quality of the project scope.

  • Risk assessments.

  • Value for money assessments.

  • Collaborative working.

  • Optioneering alternatives ensuring best value for money.

Results / Client benefits:
The cost of generating electricity was critical to the Client’s financial business return therefore, it was important that DBD fully challenged the cost and risk while also working with the EPC to ensure the right form of Procurement Contract would be put in place. The outcome was that, through DBD’s support, the Client was able to present a more optimised and organised proposal (from both a technical and commercial point of view) to prospective investors. This enabled the Client to withstand the ongoing due diligence from external parties.
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