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Enhancing our Client's ability for effective decision making in a timely manner
We created a simple strategic modelling tool to control changing requirements against a demanding timescale
Client information:
DBD updated an international Client’s existing simulation model to allow more efficient modelling of their effluent treatment strategies for a highly complex chemical plant. The Client’s existing model was dated, time consuming and too complex. It was also difficult to validate the formulae in the model and identifying conclusions or enabling decision making from the model output which, was complicated and time consuming.

By viewing the model from a different perspective, we made the following enhancements to model:

  • A thorough review of the formulae, technical data, assumptions, and logic within the base data for the model.

  • A full incorporation of the revised data provided by the Client.

  • A user friendly and fully interactive Operational Dashboard, designed so that the Client could draw immediate conclusions from the model and thus make informed decisions in a timely manner.

The enhanced model was used to inform a £6 billion government programme. The model was also used to develop a strategy for effluent management and assessed the impact on the overall site strategy.

Our Client has a deadline to safely treat effluent on the site, thus highlighting the importance of a 'Different by Design' enhancement to the model.
Highlights of what we delivered to our Client include:

  • The updated model had sophisticated graphics outputs, which were excellent for stakeholder management.

  • The updated model was much easier to use, and substantially reduced the time taken to run.

  • The model greatly reduced the time taken for the scenario runs. A scenario that would have previously taken several weeks to perform could be done in a matter of minutes.

  • The operational dashboard allowed the client to instantly see how changes in the input parameters would impact on their schedule to meet their government deadlines.

Results / Client benefits:
By reviewing the model with our #DifferentByDesign perspective, we were able to provide the client with enhancements that allowed them to manage cost and programme more effectively, whilst also gaining the benefits of enhanced quality of information to allow improved stakeholder communication. By designing the enhancements in a different way, we have been able to support the client in achieving their overall mission.
Client testimonial:
“Well done to you and your team today in demonstrating the current capability of the process model.
I am very excited about this tool, it will provide an effective platform from which to run the business.
I look forward to the next update in its evolution."
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