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Delivery of a Fuel Facility Model
Modelling support to a Fuel Cycle Plant in Cadarache, France
DBD supplied modelling support to the Fuel Cycle Plant at Cadarache, France. The initial scope of support was to Design a model of the Fuel Cycle Plant and the associated equipment.
What our Client needed:
The Client required a high level model that could provide information on the rate of transfer and the rate of accumulation of the reactor materials, as well as products as they are transferred around the different processing areas. The key technical challenges in this model arose from the following:

  • Many discontinuous operations within the facility.

  • The short batch operating times of many process plant items.

  • Processes taking place at the end of each day to enable the next day’s experimental work to commence.

How we delivered this for our Client:
DBD assembled a versatile flowsheeting tool, together with the descriptive code to describe - at a high level - the operations for the processing areas. The flowsheeting tool allowed a wide range of parameters to be modified in the model and the results compared between different runs. The model, operating at 1Hz frequency covering a whole day’s operating time, integrated spreadsheet applications with a database in order to allow data management and calculation routines to be run simultaneously.
Results / Client benefits:
This approach has a number of substantial advantages:

  • Simplifies model modification thereby allowing progressive addition of detail to the modelled processes according to the importance of that area of the overall model.

  • Allows further modules to be added to the model without undue disruption to the existing model.

  • Provides a more explicit and easier QA process for verifying workbooks compared to traditional spreadsheet applications.

  • Allows the results of many runs to be collected and analysed so that the most effective combinations of parameters can be determined.

  • Speeds up the rate of model delivery.

This approach will inform the Client upon the best combinations of buffer tanks, fuel storage, processing capacities and operating plant parameters to specify for the Fuel Cycle Plant. Following completion of the first stage of the modelling work, DBD developed the model to add enhancements and provided training and support to the Client. Enhancements to the code will enable the Client to complete a series of system studies.
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