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Jun 2018
How DBD broadened my skills, supported me in joining other networks, and enriched my career
Jenna McIntyre's story of how DBD led her to gaining a place on the Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network (YGN) committee
I attended the University of Strathclyde, achieving a Masters degree in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. After graduating, I worked for a Chemical company, gaining experience in the Chemical Manufacturing industry. In 2012, I then began looking for a new challenge and career opportunity having previously worked outside of the nuclear industry, I successful applied to join DBD commencing in March 2012.

Since joining the company I have been fortunate to have been provided with the opportunity to gain experiences in a range of areas. Although my degree is in Engineering I have also had the opportunity to work on Safety related projects, bid work, as well as Engineering Design and Optioneering for both UK and overseas clients.

As a young Engineer I have been given the opportunity to travel to Japan presenting to some of DBD’s key clients which was a great experience. DBD has also supported me in volunteering for the Young Generation Network (YGN), of which, I am now pleased to be one of the 2018 Vice Chairs. 

“The Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network is an ever-expanding group of young nuclear professionals and enthusiasts,” and the YGN provides “a platform for networking, education and career development”. I first began volunteering for the YGN in 2014, and was then invited to join their Committee in 2015. Since then, I have been actively involved with organising YGN events and activities, including:

  • The 2014 YGN Networking Event and Panel Session

  • The 2014 and 2015 YGN Intro to Nuclear New Build Seminar

  • The 2015 YGN Sponsorship Lead

  • The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF) 2017 Sponsorship Lead. This event saw over 400 attendees from across the world attend a 5-day event in Manchester

  • I am a member of the Nuclear Institute (NI) RadWaste Special Interest Group (SIG), contributing my viewpoint on important industry issues

  • YGN Company Representative at DBD – acting as a conduit to spread and share key information from the YGN and NI to those within DBD, informing others of upcoming events

  • 2018 Vice Chair in 2018.

How DBD broadened my skills, supported me in joining other networks, and enriched my career
Being part of the YGN has allowed me to develop soft skills which have helped me in my role as an Engineer, these include: presentation skills; budget management; and planning and networking. It has also afforded me the time to go to events and broaden my network and understanding of what other companies are doing within the industry. The experiences gained throughout my involvement in the YGN as well as the support which I have received from DBD has proved to be invaluable.
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