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Successful companies don't happen by accident. At DBD we have a Corporate value system that infuses everything we do. The result is that all who come into contact with DBD enjoy a level of service and commitment that is exceptional.

DBD is an International Company, resourced with a team of experts that support our Client's strategic decision making and technical delivery within challenging work programmes thereby, creating exceptional value for customers and shareholders whilst investing in the next generation of Scientists and Engineers.
For highly regulated industries, it can be important to have access to objective analysis and support from independent industry experts. Different By Design was founded in 2004 to provide exactly that.

Today we are one of the UK's most successful Professional Advisory organisations of our kind, working with a wide range of major companies in the Nuclear, Power and Chemical Industries.

Our Clients and partners can be found across the globe in areas as diverse as: North America, Europe, Japan and the Middle East. The key advantage for those who call on our services is our total independence allied to an unrivalled depth of expertise. Recruitment of top professionals has always been the focus at DBD, which means our people have on average over 20 years' international experience in their sectors.
Our missions is to solve the world's most complex engineering problems and to inspire the next generation of problem solvers. We aim to have a direct impact on our Client's success in achieving their goals, whether they operate as regional and market governence or as a commercial organisation.
We strive to offer Clients both the practical advice and the insight that will help them achieve their desired outcome
Passionate - We have a passion for doing the right things well
Accountable - We are accountable to our Clients and each other
Respectful - We respect our environment, our people and the communities in which we serve
Trusted - We act and deliver with openess, honesty and integrity
Innovative - We explore, create and imagine. We challenge and push things forward
These values are underpinned by the unbreakable thread of SAFETY that permeates everything we do and how we behave
We strive to inspire Engineers and Scientists to be #DifferentByDesign, from this generation to the next.
We desire to inspire
We invest in future talent
DBD sets high standards in both research and implementation. We have won acclaim and approval from all the leading national and international assessors and accreditation bodies.
DBD is an independent global enterprise providing innovative solutions to complex technical, engineering and strategic challenges in highly regulated industries.
We respect the security of your personal data and maintain policies which adhere to GDPR legislation
+44 (0) 1925 814 084
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